Tails from the trails- 12/26/18 Wednesday


Time: 1:02:47 minutes

Pace: 8:51

Course: 27 and train trail.

Bend, Oregon

Day after Christmas, tons of sweets and I needed a good run today and flush it out. Sun was out with snow all around, I wore the crampons to avoid some spills on the ice.

This shot was taken at mile 6 and has a nice contrast of snow and golden fields.

This time of the year can be challenging but being addicted to running makes you get out the door

These days I am learning to up the mileage and make an hr run the normal and 2 hr runs something to achieve twice a week going into the new year.

Running is my drug and keeps me sane, without it, I would be insane. Being over 40 makes running essential for all things

Today’s course

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