12/31/18 at last

Reflection of the years end miles, years end accomplishments and what is in store for 2019

2018 Running

Strava covers it best here:

1735 miles

Longest run 13.1

No big races this year because a lot of life changes and early in year I had less miles but finished strong with many weeks towards end at 50 mile weeks. I am really comfortable at an hr run average per day as base.

2018 checklist

  1. Good baseline created
  2. Comfortable in challenging weather conditions
  3. Have a rhythm of pace, comfortable on the 8s per mile in all distances
  4. Strong finishes
  5. Have a good schedule carved out during work week, run at lunch with minimum of hr, weekends during baby naps which can also be hr plus.
  6. Got some good running gear for all distances, paces and weather conditions.

2019 running

Its time to lock it down, pull the trigger and step into the competitive arena. Put on the race face and challenge. Put yourself out there. Book a race, pick one: 50k? Or 50 miles? For sure Bend marathon, book that first, mount hood 50k then SOB 50 miles or Sonoma 50? Choices. But choose wisely.

Goals 2019

  • Run a marathon
  • Run a 50k
  • Run a 50 miler
  • Goal of 40 to 50 mile weeks
  • 2000 plus miles for the year
  • Be inspired, inspire and share

Life changes 2018

This year was huge, bought a house, baby is toddler at 2 years old, moved to Bend

Our new house

Exploring Bend


Fall and Winter Bend

Bear BiG 2 years old

Love and All to an AWESOME 2019

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