1-1-2019 Running and ice, not a good mix.

Happy New Year, New Years eve is much different when you have a 2 year old, an early night is inevitable. It is great to wake up New Year’s Day feeling great, I can remember many New Years nursing a hangover and don’t miss those days.

 Winter Running

As I look out the window I can see see snow, and my thoughts go to how to encourage myself to get out the door, this time of the year can always be challenging to lace up the shoes and get out the door.

Ice and running don’t mix well, it doesn’t stop me though and I am learning to identify and prepare myself for these conditions

Running on ice checklist

  1. Crampons to fit on bottom of shoes or screws, a lot of local running shops will help you put screws in your shoes, for sure do this with an older pair of shoes.
  2. Shoes with traction, trail shoes are good for this and look for good traction.
  3. A clear mind, you have to be very focused on the surroundings and look for areas that are slick, if in doubt walk in areas that may look like ice.
  4. Find areas that has exposed sun and that usually is the best course to run that ice has melted.
  5. Run on trail or soft ground as much as possible, although it can be slick here also but if you go down it’s more padded
  6. Grass is always the best and hard to slip and get hurt on grass.

How to spot ice

If you see areas that have grass run on that, this is hard to get hurt and slip

Look for snow that is fresh and not packed down that is usually a safe spot

This is a for sure spot to walk don’t risk it, I risked it and ended up bruising a tailbone. You approach this it’s like being on a ice skating rink.

These are crampons I use and have saved me but they are not 100 percent safe, even with these on it’s slick.

Big takeaway is when in doubt walk, don’t risk it because you could be laid up if you go down.

Happy miles to many smiles

Be safe and stay up and stay moving

Happy New Year 2019

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