1-2-2019 Get’r Done, keeping up the running Mojo

The hardest part sometimes with running is lacing up the shoes and getting out the door (sometimes the shoes feel like dead weights) and even sometimes it can take a mile before it kicks in and starts to feel good. Sometime the run doesn’t feel good at all and it’s like dragging a semi truck.

Making running a routine helps me stay up and at it. Each day same time I try and get out the door, having a busy schedule that can be easier said then done, so many obstacles get in the way.

Obstacles and negative thoughts:

  • Baby needs to be watched so wife can go to appointment, no time to run
  • work is piling on more and more no time to run
  • the days are so damn short
  • I feel tired and didn’t get enough sleep
  • Damn it’s cold outside
  • It’s the middle of the week, I will start streak on a Monday when it’s a fresh start of week.
  • I’m hooked on the Netflix series and can’t pull away
  • My stomach hurts
  • It’s already dark outside
  • …..the List goes on and I have used everyone one of these excuses and more.
  • To achieve greatness takes work, it never is easy and that makes it that much better, the payoff you get for the hard work. F**ck Easy

    • That goal of losing weight and seeing the benefit after months of training
    • Getting faster and seeing your time come down and down after all the speed work you are doing
    • Better mental state, stress level down and a full decompression achieved from running
    • A connection to your mind and body achieved from running
    • Damn I feel high from that run
    • Wow look at all the beauty in my backyard
    • This is getting me out the door when it’s nasty outside (people must think I’m nuts to be out here in this) this is great feeling and you feel like Superman
    • Channeling from alcohol consumption (or some bad habit) to mile consumption
    • That is a good goal that 50k and I can do it

    I am believer that running is a cure for many ailments, it has saved my life from alcoholism and got me mentally and physically sharp. Life is stressful and it’s great to have some outlet to keep sane.

    Sights from runs captured


    No victories at bargain prices

    I can guarantee if you give yourself 21 days straight of running everyday you will feel 100 times better than you feel today.

    Tips to get out door and keep at it

    • Book a race and get on calendar
    • Get on a 21 day running streak and create a habit
    • Join a running group ( most all running shops have them)
    • Make it a family outing, take the baby out encourage spouse to join you
    • Get a new pair of running shoes
    • Find some local running trails
    • Download a fitness app( I use Strava) and keep logging into it, as you see the calendar fill up with active days it’s very encouraging
  • Set a goal and get’r done
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