1/3/2019- Shoes Speak louder than words

Long days, work day starts early then back to back meetings, juggling this to the next, eating lunch at your desk because no time to pull away. Times like this its hard to get the run in, as I sit here and its only 1PM, but feels like 5pm as my work day started at 6 am. Not one ounce of me wants to lace up the shoes for a run, mentally spent and the energy to run my guts out today does not feel appealing. I know that if I do not run, I will feel guilty for not taking care of myself and letting the day to day responsibilities take importance to what I love most and what I strive for every day, that is quieting the mind. Running is many things for different people, it can be a social thing, it can be a pure exercise and tone the body thing, to me it is a mental release. The energy I put into the run is like a mediative state that is needed to wash away all the daily stresses. When I was a drinker, getting a 6 or 12 pack after work was that, a mental release to escape into the fog of a alcohol buz and cure all the issues. damn I dont miss those days of the morning after a beer bender,

So as I sit here what do I do? I can see the running shoes speaking to me, “Michael, you know you wanna take me for a spin, you know what is needed to fulfill and make today complete, just do it” oh the peer pressure from my running shoes, shoot I might as well cave. Maybe just a mile I am thinking just go easy see how it feels.

Reasons to get out the door for a run
– You will feel damn good after
– especially after a hard long day at work you need a release
– Its good to burn off that huge lunch
– You have been sitting at your desk for many hrs and you need to get moving
– You will be mentally sharper when you get back
– You will be a better husband and father if you run and will be less stressed

Reasons to not go for a run today
– shoot I cant think of a reason, i guess the verdict is out to what its gonna be


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