1-4-2019 The Further you go, the stronger you get

Making a decision to go straight other than make the turn, you know if you go straight you are committed to a longer run, if you turn you have options to cut it short.

I have many courses that have these options and its good to be able to have bail out points, for example you are out on a run and wife calls or texts that she needs help with the baby, what was to be a 6 mile run, can become a 1 mile run with a bail out at the right time. I think I have now 12 different courses and the first mile of each has points where a turn can be made to cut back if needed, but after the mile you are committed and no bail out. I have also been on a run where it takes a good mile to get into it and sometimes its just not your day out there and easy 1 mile is all you have in you for the day.

How to pick course with bail out points

Courses that are loops are always best for this because nine out of 10 times a street will cut through the loop at multiple locations, when I am planning a course I always plan with Google maps and pick a course that has connector roads in between the loop. Some courses are just and up n back, and in those cases no option for bail outs, unless again you look on Google maps and see if bail out spots to cut back. I personally love a course that is a loop because then I am seeing something new out there, and its all fresh, psychologically an up n back is harder for me.

Legitimate reasons to bail out on run
1) Wife calls she needs help with baby
2) Emergency situation any case at home
3) Not your day, no rhythm in the run, cant get into it
4) Quality miles not junk miles
5) Emergency situation out on run
6) An injury or you feel one coming on

NON legitimate reasons to bail out on a run
1) Laziness, not finishing what you started, you make the commitment to run, hardest part is done and that is getting out the door, you are already in it
2)just bailing to bail because you want to get back to the Netflix show
3)The negative thinking, a)I am never going to be a good runner, FALSE b)this sucks and will never feel good FALSE c)why am I wasting my time FALSE

The further you go the stronger you get

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