1-5-2019 Whats in the muse-Under the Pressure

I turn to a good running playlist for 90 percent of my running, I enjoy making playlists for new races and different ones for different training types. What I generally do is think of the pace of a run and what will kick in at the right moment and use it as a tool to help me avoid a bonk. Its very mental and music to me is very therapeutic. I listen to music non stop at work, I follow and listen to a online streaming station called Radio Paradise and they play all the right songs and I have discovered some great music with them. I subscribe to Spotify and love it and have over 8 playlists right now.

Yesterdays run, I hit mile 3 and at this point I am facing the wind and the cold air starts to run through, at this exact moment when its starts to feel uncomfortable, Spotify kicks in the perfect song, Under the Pressure, By War on Drugs, its here its an over 8 minute song and is perfect to get me through over a mile. I have probably heard this song over 30 times and it never gets old. This song you can roll your stride with the exact beat of the song and a sense of rockstarism runs through you.

If running and music is your thang, and not all runners like to listen to music, but enjoy the music of the surroundings, birds, trees and all the other beauty, and trust me I like this also and hang up the headphones on same occasions to get to a place of quiet and disconnect of technology.

Running Playlists picks
1) Variety is always good, if you have all of one type you may get bored, I know I do
2) Think of certain points on a run, I have a part of a run and some songs by Fleet Foxes are perfect because its a trail with some great scenery and fleet foxes always highlight these areas.
3) Certain playlists for certain type of runs, for races I go real selective and pick wisely and think of each mile and what will hit at that mile, in a marathon at around 18 plus the music is picked really wisely.
4) Some decent headphones are great to have, I go with bluetooth and get away from tons of wires as much as possible, I did at one point have some pricier ones but lost them so now go with not as pricey.
5) A music streaming service, tons out there and start with one playlist and build from there.

Here are some of my Playlists
1) Playlist name: Boston Marathon 2013 ( eclectic, thsi oen has over 1k songs and originally at much less but I have added this sicne Botson quite a bit you can follow here
2) Playlist name: Out of the Gate (135 songs, nice training playlist you can follow here
3) Playlist name:Winter Training Sesh (This is some of the newer music I have found since last coupel of months, 24 songs you can follow here
4) Playlist name: Going Long ( name speaks for its self, 42 songs you can follow here
5) Playlist name: DMB Live ( some great DMB live, 27 songs you can follow here
6)Playlist name: Windshield time ( thsi is great for driving and I put on to rotate when I am on a log run, lots of variety, 749 songs you can follwo here
7) Playlist name: a Long Run ( a great long run playlist, 111 songs, you can follow here

Its Saturday get out the door and enjoy your runs today, I know I will and have one of these playlist going

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