1-6-2019 The Barter

My wife and I have an awesome 2 year old named Bear, he just turned 2 and is my world, I just light up when I am around him and am very blessed. My wife and I by choice live nowhere near grandparents or any type of support system to help us care for Bear, we are daily juggling between us to care and spend quality time with this guy. We are always working together to schedule time. Each hr of every day is precious at this age because time flies.

With the juggle comes the barter, I will trade you this for that, where does running come into this? well, daily I am working a trade with her to run. All fairness we each need time away to do what we love most and to me as stated before Is running, so it leads to I will trade you a 30 minute run so you can. It is very important to make time for you everyday and that’s where all this comes in.

Bartering techniques

1) pick the right time to bring it up, not in the middle of a kid meltdown, that is wrong time

2) be fair about it, and add extra to the persons you are bartering with, more incentive for them to go along.

3) don’t spring it on at last minute, give it some time like hour before so it doesn’t feel rushed like you have already made your mind up and you Are already going to do it

4) keep it simple, this for that, don’t make it to complicated

5) don’t just go without a plan or barter, trust me it will be bad when you get home. Plus it’s hard to shake on a run what is in store when you get home

Happy runs today and good luck on the barters fellow parents.

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