1-9-2019 up the ante

This year for me are some hefty goals to up my running, I am targeting as many 50 mile weeks as I can and also to keep my training in the 8 minute range.

Last year started a little slow and towards end of the year it steadied to where I am now. Adding the weekly mileage will not be entirely easy but as many 50s I can log the better, I think a solid hr run at 6 miles each workday will bring me to 30 Friday then a couple long ones on weekend to top it off. 50 miles a week will be great for racing and to get comfortable with 8s across the board.

Racing this year will be a goal of a 50k and marathon, I am in process of researching which races now and will share what I choose, my running vlog here shows my daily training runs and snapshot of what I deal with daily to stay out on the roads, also my vlog will be great training tool for me as I get into some do wot I’ve racing.

Motivation is key here and that is where this blog and my vlog help to keep it all in check, I feel sharing my experience may help others and maybe give some inspiration.

Mental inspiration I use to get out the door

1) get moving, release the clutter, breathe

2) each mile gets you closer

3) just lace up the shoes and get out the door

4) give back to me

5) just do 1 mile and see how it feels

6) the weather isn’t so bad out

7) I will feel guilty if I don’t go

Running is such an addiction in the most positive way.

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