1-11-2019 let it come natural

Every year around this time I go out of the gate with some hefty goals and build up so much pressure around quantity of miles. Quantity of miles is always good yes but quality is even more important. If you are starting out your running it’s always good to look at quantity in consecutive days of running to build into the habit. As your running starts to become a key part of your life incorporating rest days and breaks in between is not a bad thing. Early in the week I had to take a day off due to work and family obligations I could have got out the door yes that day but it would of been a struggle and honestly would not of been a good run, I can tell when it’s just not the right time to get out the door. Rarely do I take rest days and a lot of people would say rest days are key but for me a running streak really helps me to mark the active days, I have fallen into rest days becoming a series of filling off the running wagon. For me running needs to be a daily thing with rest days if only absolutely necessary.

Times to just take a day off

  • You feel an injury coming on or have an injury.
  • You are mentally and physically exhausted
  • Weather is just to harsh and no treadmill around
  • Family obligations that I just to much
  • Work obligations that is just to much
  • Taper before a race
  • A high fever or really sick
  • Travel day and don’t feel like jogging in airport
  • Rest days after a long race for recovery

Times it doesn’t count to take a day off

  • Lazy and pure lazy
  • You put distractions in the way
  • A fake injury or fake sick excuse

Rest days are key but planned rest days and not to many that can break the cycle of conditioning.

Happy trails and healthy runs, stay safe this time of the year out there

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