1-14-2019 runninspired

New week, new reset. Gonna chalk last week in the rear view mirror, no going backwards only forwards. Finding inspiration and setting goals is very important to a running program. If I feel bored or feeling of same in same day out I will not want to get out the door. I find many ways to switch it up and help me get out the door. I can’t say I am always drinking the running kool aid and for sure I have low moments, and last week would fall into that for sure based on my training numbers. I have to tell myself 52 training weeks in a year and not all 52 will be good.

When an ounce of burn out comes on or loss of motivation I turn to tricks.

Tricks to get out the door

  • I have multiple courses and mix up courses, I have short ones and long ones and all ranges, I find running same course everyday gets boring
  • I read and watch running videos and blogs daily, a lot of great topics on running and videos of people doing it that inspire me.
  • I make a new running playlist, music inspires me and love a good playlist in a run
  • I take my camera with me and shoot what I see and my thoughts on a run, I document my training in my vlog
  • New running gear, getting new running shoes always gets me excited and cannot wait to take them for a spin
  • Running with the baby, taking bear out and spending time with him out on the roads
  • Finding a new trail or course to explore
  • Running with family or friends, when you have a someone you are meeting hard to bail out and flake out on them.

Happy running Monday and getting out the door

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