1-17-2019 no rain outs in running

I find myself out in some nasty weather lately and wonder am I insane, on my run yesterday the snow was falling heavy, ice all around me and some heavy winds, cars that are seeing me out there must wonder does this guy have all his shit together. My answer to that is Effff yeah I do, call me crazy but I find when its nasty conditions out and i force myself to get out, its so rewarding. After I get home and I am in recovery chill mode and I look outside and it is nasty I can say to myself yep I accomplished it. Alot of dealing with the nasty conditions is having the gear set,

Some essential gear when its nasty

  • rain coat with hood to layer over top
  • hat with ear over
  • a buff or neck gaiter as additional layer for neck and ears
  • gloves and gloves that you can easily use phone
  • socks that are thicker
  • for ice crampons or shoes with traction
  • one nice base layer for under rain coat
  • full tights or 3/4s to keep legs warm

Legitimate reasons to not go out in nasty weather conditions

  • heavy hail
  • lightning storms
  • flash flooding
  • any emergency type tornadoes, hurricanes et

Be safe out there and happy miles lead to many smiles

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