1-18-2019 running to family choices

I have found myself more times than I like choosing a run over responsibilities, these are true times of selfishness and when I choose the run it isn’t always worth it. I can say I am a classic when I have my mind made up I pretty much do it and then pay the price. A big part of arguments with wife revolve around her needing a break from kid duty and I am MIA in a run, it has been approved before I leave but while I’m gone a shit show erupts and the why couldn’t you wait until he was down conversation happens. My thoughts are because I was motivated to get out the door. It is a juggle a lot of the times and I love every part of my family and equally my running so I have to balance out. Sometimes I need to just choose and not do the run if when I get home it will be no good.

Reasons to not go

  • Wife is stressed
  • Kid is melting down
  • Family outing and no time

In the clear for a run

  • Wife and baby are a asleep
  • Wife and baby are at an outing together
  • It’s your birthday

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