1-20-2019 Run-explorer

SO many times I will be out on a run and spot some path and decide to just take it, this is my way of charting new courses and see where it takes me, sometimes the path I take leads to a dead end which results in backtracking but most of the time it leads to a whole new area that I have never been before and some awesome connector to something else.

On Thursdays run I found such a path which then lead me to a huge amount of trail system that is single track. It makes me so excited to explore and explore the area and see what additional course I can chart out. What I love about running is just this, the Exploration of the area, getting the lay of the land on foot that you will never experience driving and in some cases biking.  When the wife and I travel this is my way of seeing the area and maybe spotting a place to take her. I just love it and another bonus of running

Good indications a path to check

  • A dirt road that seems to be a connector between two major roadways
  • A golf course path, be careful here though for falling things
  • a Bike path, most cities have them
  • a hidden trail off the path, thsi will usually lead somewhere be prepared here that it doesn’t twist you around

Happy Course hunting

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