1-21-2019 Brooks Canopy Jacket put to the test

As i look outside it is nasty out, rain and snow combo, streets look wet and as i gear up for my run first item I grab is my Brooks canopy jacket. I think to myself can this thing really hold up to the test? Then I remember this is the same jacket Desi Linden wore when she won Boston in miserable weather conditions.

I get out the door, 3 miles into the run i see snow and rain coming down but yet I am still dry (I have only one base layer underneath) and it seems to be just wicking the moisture off


This jacket is awesome and my go to when it is nasty out

Things I love about this Jacket

  • Thumb holes are perfect
  • form fitting
  • moisture wicking
  • warm with just one base layer underneath
  • looks great, awesome style
  • hood packs away if needed
  • it packs down and has a band to wear around your arm

Thing I dont like about jacket

  • The hood needs a sinch in back to secure to head, otherwise gust of wind and it doesn’t stay on, I need to wear it under a hat

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