1-22/2019 Dig Deep

Back to backs, first mile sore, last miles sluggish, the middle has rhythm. I have more in the tank then sometimes I realize. I am in the dumps and then bam!! snapped out of it, something happens, it could be a new trail I found or it can be a nice stretch of downhill. I haven’t quite figured out the trend yet but am working on it. So many times in training I need to dig deep, and when I think that’s all I got I surprise myself, it’s not always out on a run also, it a lot of times happens way before I get out the door. It’s a bonk of mental disorder and it takes digging to the deepest part of me to get out the door.

Digging deep trends and solutions

  • Overwhelmed at work and last thing you wanna do is run, this is where I have to dig the deepest to lace up shoes
  • Out on a run and some deeep dark thoughts start creeping in like wow, this is a long distance, this is where mental tricks help and switch up the music playlist or change course find a new course, change scenery.
  • Physical fatigue any part of a run, this is tricky one, for runs over an hr bring nutrition and some sort of booster, take a walk if needed and do some stretches along the way. If you have any part of your run with water do a mini dip in the cold to refresh legs. I take this fro experience, I have a river on some of my paths and dip at mile 8 is great.

As I build up my mileage these above will be key and also when I get into a race over the marathon all of these will come into play.

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