1-23-2019 mind to miles

Over the weekend and late last week I had some big days, back to back 1 hr plus runs, it felt pretty good, although Sunday I could start to feel the conditioning. As I start planning trainings schedules, Mondays are charted for a rest to easy days  to recover from long weekend runs. I felt tired most of the day yesterday to point I was just going to take the day off. But I look outside the sun is shining and I think to myself maybe just a mile get some fresh air, I have been sitting all day at work I need to move the legs.

I get out the door, its not super cold out so not fully layered up. I get into mile 1 and have picked a course that  I can do a loop and to 2 miler, but then something happens and it starts to feel real good. At the turn to loop back for 2, I decide to go straight. Here is where the plan changed. It felt too good to cut it short and in running when you have good days you need to go with it. I have this course where it has some nice downhill towards end and perfect time to open it up. I looked down at my watch at last mile and I was going sub 7. How could I cut it short? When the rhythm is on I need to work it, not all days feel this good.

1-21-2019 when 1 mile becomes 3

Feelings of Rest days 

  • tapering before a race
  • feel an injury coming on
  • mentally tired and not sharp

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