1-24-2019 30 Days of Yoga

I covered runyoga a few days back but it got me to thinking, this may be a good time to resurrect the 30 day yoga challenge, what it is for 30 days straight do 15 minutes of yoga minimum, back to back to back yoga. I am going to start February 1st and go to end of the month.

Here is what I am going to track

  • MY running stride after a week of yoga, how does my stride improve with greater flexibility
  • MY energy level, how does my mental and physical body feel a week plus into yoga
  • MY mind, as yoga incorporates meditation, do I feel my mind is quieter. do I feel less stressed.
  • MY flexibility, how do my joints feel, can I easily pick up Bear our baby, do my joints feel stretched and loose

Yoga plan for challenge

  • do before work on most days, get up little earlier house it quiet and start with some yoga video son Youtube
  • do 15 minutes minimum and top it off at whatever length
  • start and end with meditation and breathing exercises
  • track yoga sessions on a tracker

I am excited for this and will share my discoveries along teh way

Happy Running


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