1-25-2019 runtherapy

Work and life balance can stressfull, so much everyday and seems like never enough time to get it all done. Pulled in every direction and the feeling of being in a washing machine. I can say I suffer with some form of mental despair, its hard for me to shut off my brain and mostly because of all stated. I am a believer that therapy is extremely important and its very good to have someone to talk with, my advice is not one or the other (therapy or running) but more of a combo. Running is a huge form of meditation and if you use it, can be perfect way to shut off the brain and focus solely on the task of one foot in front of the  other. Running can lead you to so much beauty specially when you get out on the trails and see true Love. Hewn you use running as a way to release stress and quiet the mind you really will see a difference. Being a recovering alcoholic running to me has saved my life, what I  had put into the drinks I know put into the miles and the results are endless life.

Running reliefs

  • Running is the cure for when you feel down on yourself, how can you not feel good after pounding out a mile run and giving back to yourself
  • Running is the cure for when you have had a hard day at the office, you gotta release the clutter and reset and a good run gets that done.
  • Running is a cure for Stressers at home, Wife and baby (love them) but they can be a stresser, running is giving back to you and solely a you thing
  • Running is a cure for the bad habits, (drinking and smoking) running will drop the weight and is such a natural high, best high I have ever experienced
  • Happy, sad, glad or mad, Running is great for all of these emotions, Happy- damn it will feel great to open it up, sad- flush out the tears and shed them on the roads glad- damn glad to be out here today mad- put that negative energy to pounding teh roads, hit the high moments and release

ALL good and running on!!

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