1-26-2019 High as f***

Running is the best natural drug on the planet. I have smoked weed been an x drinker and the high was good but not even close to the high I get on a run. Runner’s high is a thing no doubt and when it hits you BAM!! it is so addicting that each day I need to get my fix. A runners high is a feeling of complete oneness with mind and body and a surge of energy that radiates every bone. I can be on a run and a Runner’s high hits and its as if I’m floating across the ground each motion of stride is in sync with my breath and all motors running at full force. It is the best and I am damn glad I gave up drinking for this.

Runners highs

  • The feeling of floating across ground
  • The feeling that every part of your body is in sync
  • Euphoria and gitty
  • Confidence and self love
  • Adventure
  • Clarity

Happy running high

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