1-27-2019 Picking a race

I have been sitting in this space and indecisive of a summer race to sign up for. My goal this year is a 50k and I am having the hardest time locking it down. I have been looking at picking a race and woking in a vacation around it for the family, one race called Hot Spring trail race is a 18 mile race on Mckenzie river and at the end you soak in the hot springs. Last time i checked it had only 80 spots left and with that one we woful want to stay at the lodge where Hot Springs are. This one will take calling to make sure hotel has rooms before booking and I have been procrastinating it. That is been the hard part the procrastination and not just committing. I have an excellent base right now so conditioning is great. I feel confident on 18 to marathon distance tight now. Bend also has a marathon I am looking at that is also in the summer.


Races looking at

  • Bend Marathon
  • Hot Springs trail race

I am looking at 50Ks and will make up a list, but i think the two above will make the list, more to come on racing


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