1-28-2019 what you see

The things you find in runs that you just can’t see in a car, I have come across the coolest stuff and always need to stop to check it out, the wildlife I see deer, amazing sights all around, driving in a car it just goes by so fast and easy to miss, another bonus on runs.I always need to stop and soak in. Another thing I love about running to add to the list

Came across this guy on a run Smokey needs shoes

Many things I have seen on runs

  • most amazing sunrises
  • most amazing sunsets
  • many many deer
  • loose dogs (LOL)
  • coyote
  • fox
  • ocean stretches not accessible with a car
  • new restaurants to check
  • river views
  • cows, goats, sheep, llama, horses
  • corn fields
  • redwood trees
  • most amazing bridges
  • most amazing flowers
  • most amazing vistas
  • Hot air balloons
  • and many many more


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