1-29-2019 How to not get clipped on a run

On a lot of my runs I have to deal with a few spots where I mingle with cars and drivers. Where I live we have tons of roundabouts and few busy crossings, (although I just found out that one of my busy crossings they will be adding a crosswalk :)-

Cars generally are very cautious and I have gotten on the habit to Shaka or give thumbs up to all cars, I rarely get a return in gesture but I don’t do it for a return its just a gesture of thanks, not all cars are good, I have to say i have had a few close calls with cars not paying attention or just going without any awareness. Its almost seems that all cautious cars are runners that get it and ones that don’t stop are non runners. That can be bold statement but it baffles me the ones that don’t stop. It really doesn’t take much to send a nice gesture and have some friendly interaction out there.


Dealing with cars

  • Always get eye contact with the driver
  • Never just go with out eye contact
  • Runners don’t always have the right of way
  • I always run against traffic
  • on blind corners, I always run against traffic, take out the headphones and listen
  • I always stop at the red lights
  • If you live where a train runs through some courses, check the train schedules and go at off times, I have been stuck at train for 10 plus minutes before a total bummer

BE Safe and happy running

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