1-31-2019 run-ease

I find that on some runs I got out with shoulders tense and grinding my teeth and for sure the opposite of what I’m trying to achieve in a run which is calm and relaxation. It’s almost like I go out super hot and then as I tire out the tensions settle down. Tomorrow’s run I wanna go out and keep the shoulders looser my arms light and  to loosen the jaw. I think the less energy I use towards these areas can be channeled Into foot strike and rhythm. Running is an activity where all cylinders need to be going and its best to work the hardest the ones that need it the most, foot strike, arms motion and breathing.

Areas to lighten up

  • Loosen the jaw
  • don’t clinch the fist but act as if you are holding an egg
  • clear thoughts, release all tensions
  • fluid motions
  • steady pace, settle in and save for the later miles
  • drive the hills
  • have fun

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