2-7-2019 aches n pains

Aches n pains come and go on runs, yesterday run I felt a sharpness in my knee at mile 1 and decided to continue on it and eventually it went away after mile 2. I would not of continued if it seemed like it was serious. A lot of time the Joints get achy especially in the cold. The cold does something and causes more aches and pains for sure. The key thing is when to not push through the pain, I have a rule on pain and when to stop

Rules on when to stop run

  • A pain that last more than a mile
  • A pain that is agonizing and is beyond dull
  • A pain that is before I even start the run
  • A pain that if pushed can do damage and lay me up for weeks, this is judgment call and key thing is listen to body

It’s very Important to listen to signals of pain and back off and do not push through, I have pushed through before and paid the price and not worth it

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