2-10-2019 CBD and ME

YES i am drinking the CBD Kool AID, I have working CBD into my training for the past 6 months, I use CBD and vape. I really feel the benefits of CBD in all my training. I will take some CBD at night before bed and notice a calming effect, I also will take some CBD before a long run, right before the run and then sometimes during. The big thing with CBD is inflammation release, inflammation is very hard on the body and where intense recovery is needed, it puts a huge toll on everything.

What I have noticed with CBD

  • Less stress, a sense of calm and no worry, it really helps with stress
  • During long runs I feel in sync, not sore but more of feeling of balance
  • CBD helps with inflammation and to keep joints loose and system not built up
  • I dont feel stoned with CBD but more of at ease and in a calm state of mind

Happy CBD running


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