2-11-2019 into the quiet- Movie Heal Review

I scanned Netflix over the weekend and found a treasure, movie called “Heal” Its a documentary about the power of the mind and speaks with spiritual leaders and physicians, the movie follows some people with chronic illness and how the power of the mind and releasing helps to cure.

trailer here: https://youtu.be/s5Hpm-6Inxc

What I got out of movie, Stress is a killer and the build up it does tears up your body and can cause negative build up, when you are stressed 100 percent energy is put to that and puts your body in the red zone= overdrive. Stress is the leading cause for disease. The power of the mind is very powerful and with a daily dose of meditation, it helps to reset your mind. Meditation is stages, 1) mindfullness, 2) Self discovery 3) self love 4) transformation


  • Use meditation as a daily tool
  • dont sweat the small stuff
  • Keep your mind healthy and mindfull

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