2-13-2019 Rhythm and motion

Goals are important to me and keep me up on my health both mind and body,

Each Weekday consists of

  • 9 hrs of working per day
  • 1 to 1.5 hr average of running per day
  • 3 hrs spending time with Bear our kid per day
  • and the rest misc per day

A routine is always good and keeps me on the up, the above schedule is not always fool proof and I have days it just is too hard and the motivation is lacking, last week was rough and a very low week on mileage and motivation, many factors play to that and weather was a huge one, heavy snow, wind and just nasty makes it so much harder, maybe a gym membership or a treadmill in the garage will solve those days but those are hard for me to get motivated into, its counterintuitive to stress about it and take it as the universe forcing me to take rest days. So far this week is going ok a 4 and 6 miler in and on track.

Happy Trails



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