2-17-2019 3×10 Step Up

30 miles in 3 day 3x 10 miles starting Friday

Friday 1:39 -9;56 pace

Saturday 1:38-9:45 pace

Sunday 1:24-8:21 pace

Each day faster

Today run I thought I wouldn’t be able to do more than 3 but after mile 1 it felt too good and not much ice on roads

3×10 Step Up this is a great training goal go faster each day and have a large number to hit by end. My case it was 30 miles over 3 days

Today’s run I broke it up into 3 mile segments each segment I went for around 25 minutes and I hit it every time

1-3 -25 minutes

3-6- 49 minutes

6-9- 1 hr and 15 minutes

Mile 10- 8:30

Here today video


Came across some ice in few spots

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