2-17-2019 3×10 Step Up

30 miles in 3 day 3x 10 miles starting Friday Friday 1:39 -9;56 pace Saturday 1:38-9:45 pace Sunday 1:24-8:21 pace … More

2-16-2019 2×10

Goals are important and keep me on my toes, the goal 3×10 Friday-Saturday-Sunday, I am 2 10s in, tomorrow will … More

2-15-2019 to the top of the Butte

What a great Friday Run On a mission to do 30 miles in 3 days and today for 10 in … More

2-14-2019 Running Mojo

Yes it happens and I have fallen in; my motivation lately has been on the low, today I took off … More

2-12-2019 Winter Running Blues

Any way you slice it, this is tough time of the year to train, short days-cold and miserable conditions. The … More

2-9-2019 unplanned days

You cannot win them all, I got fully bombarded with work and was not able to pull away for a … More

2-8-2019 yoga week 1-

One week into my yoga/plank challenge, have not noticed any major improvements in running yet, it’s still very early in … More

2-7-2019 aches n pains

Aches n pains come and go on runs, yesterday run I felt a sharpness in my knee at mile 1 … More

2-6-2019 Snowday

Great snow day yesterday Ran easy 4.25 at about 9 pace Gotta be careful for ice Yoga challenge continues 10 … More

2-5-2019 running memory

I have been focusing a lot in my training to back to back long runs, the idea behind this is … More